Commercial Services

There are many challenges that commercial moves present: they need to be carried out quickly to minimize downtime, they are often huge in scale, requiring a large and professional team to handle them and there’s often lots of valuable equipment that requires extra attention during the packing and moving process. Luckily, United Pro Moving Services, your premier moving company in California, has over 10 years of experience carrying out residential and commercial moves in the San Diego. No matter how large or complicated your move is, you can be certain that we have the experience, equipment and staff to handle it. To provide you with a premium moving experience and guarantee the safety of your items, all our expert movers are fully insured and licensed, as required by the state. In addition, our temperature-regulated storage facility allows us to store your office furniture, equipment and products safely if your new business location is not ready for you to move in right away.

There is a lot at stake during a commercial move. Whether you’re relocating to a new office, warehouse, or manyfacturing facility, a business can lose a lot of money if the move is not done correctly. Expensive equipment can be damaged, documents can be lost, and improperly set up logistics can cause a significant extension in the timeline of your move, making the company lose revenue and break deadlines. Fortunately, you can avoid all of these issues simply by hiring an experienced and reputable moving company. United Pro Moving Services is one of the oldest commercial movers in the Bay Area. We have been in business for over 10 years and we have thousands of glowing reviews to show for it. 

Reasons to hire United Pro Moving Services for a commercial move

  • Professional team – our experts have organized thousands of moves and they can find the ideal way to move your business to its new location quickly and efficiently. 
  • Insured and licensed – we have all the necessary documents, licenses, and insurance required to operate a moving business in California, so you don’t need to worry about liability. 
  • Fast and careful – you won’t need to worry about your property being damaged during the move.
  • Packing and storage services – we can professionally pack your equipment and furniture before the move and store it in our facility if necessary.

No matter how large or small your business is or where you are moving, you can count on United Pro Moving Services to get the job done. Call us today to get a free quote and discuss all the details of your upcoming move.