Storage Space

Not every move is simple and United Pro Moving Services knows this. For some of our clients, a move is a one-day job, while for others it’s a complicated relocation of a corporate office to a space that’s not ready just yet. This is exactly why United Pro Moving Services, your premier moving company in California, offers all of its clients the opportunity to use a dedicated state-of-the-art storage facility. Our storage facility is equipped with a sophisticated temperature regulating system that ensures the safety of all the items stored in it. Additionally, United Pro Moving Services employs only highly qualified moving professionals that turn each move into a work of art, taking away the stress and leaving you to enjoy your new home, office or workspace. Whether you need to store your belongings with us for a few days or many months, you can be certain that when you’re finally ready to move into your new space, they will be there just as you left them.