7 Back View Of Bob Hairstyles To Inspire You

1. Beach Waves Bob

After wearing a strapless dress with this beachy wavy bob to Cannes, Micha Barton showed off her beautiful hair. Her wavy hair made her look beautiful and relaxed, giving her a thoughtful glow.

2. Combed-Back Lob

How strong does Scarlett Johanson's lob look in this picture? This long, combed-back bob is styled with gel to make it look smooth and wet. This is a great outfit for a red carpet event, and her ear piercings look great with it.

3. Asymmetrical Bob

Marion Cotillard, who plays a character in Two Days, One Night, really knows how to rock an uneven bob. After making her appearance at the 19th Screen Actors Guild Awards, Marion Cotillard, an actor with light blonde hair,

4. Round Bob  

Recording artist Nicki Minaj s bouncy, round bob is back, and while we love her with wavy hair, we ve definitely missed her bob falling about an inch past her ears.

5. Faux Bob

Nicole Richie, an actor, looked great with her gray hair, her purple hair, and her long bob, but her retro fake bob is her style. To start, use a curling wand to give your hair finger waves.

6. Sleek, Symmetric Bob  

Queen Letizia of Spain looks beautiful in this picture. She is effortlessly stylish, looks great on everyone, and is very cool. The sleek, medium length of Letizia's hair is our favorite. It's great for women who don't want to give up their long hair.

7. Wavy Bob 

A fashion icon named Alexa Chung showed at the 64th Cannes Film Festival that adding a few waves to a mid-length bob is all it takes to dress up an outfit. To get the waves that Alexa is known for