Strengthen your entire body with just 7 equipment-free moves

While the pectoralis major and anterior deltoid (chest and shoulders) are also worked, push-ups also give you the added benefit of strengthening your core muscles. Furthermore, there are numerous methods for varying the difficulty of push-ups.

Do Push-Ups

Locate items in your house that are the appropriate weight to start. Heavy dog food bags, five-gallon buckets partially or fully filled with liquid or sand, or two carry-on suitcases are a few things that come in handy.

Do a Loaded Carry

Using a towel or resistance band, you can perform an overhead squat. Maintaining the object above your head during a squat trains your body to use your core, which enhances the form of the exercise and helps with mobility and posture.

Do Overhead Squats

Use a solid piece of furniture, like a couch or low table, in place of a workout bench to perform Bulgarian Split Squats.

Do Bulgarian Split Squats with Furniture

Use towels or even socks on your feet if your floors are hardwood. Paper sheets are excellent for carpet. For this laying hamstring curl, you'll utilize these things as sliders.

Do Hamstring Curls with Towels

You may activate your core even more than while using a machine by performing side-plank clams, which specifically target your glutes and hips. Your body develops stability, symmetry, and balance by focusing on one side at a time.

Do Side-Plank Clams

You can perform quarter get-ups in place of decline sit-ups, core wheel rollouts, or any other core exercise you typically perform at the gym.

Do Quarter Get-Ups