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    Are you moving house and need a reliable moving company ? Professionals of United Pro Moving Services will ensure everything runs smoothly on the day from start to finish

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    United Pro Moving Services offer you the best and most reliable solution for your commercial relocation. Whatever your needs, we provide a range of flexible moving services that allows you to tailor your move to suit your time schedule and budget.

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    We Also Accommodate Long Distance Moves. We Have Moved People From The San Diego To Florida, New York, Oregon, And Many More.

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United Pro Moving Services is found here in the San Diego, Northern CA. Established in 2005 and have been one of the customers favorite Moving Companies since. We are one of the biggest family owned moving companies located here within the San Diego.

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Are you moving house and need a reliable moving company ? We know that moving can be an extremely stressful, but instead of being daunted by it, you can safely rely on us.

Local Moving

We Also Accommodate Long Distance Moves. We Have Moved People From The San Diego To Florida, New York, Oregon, And Many More. Our Long Distance Team Are Trained, Experienced And Professionals.


We Also Provide Commercial Moving At Affordable Rates As We Are The World Leader In Commercial Moving. Whether It Is Your Office, Warehouse Or Departmental...

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Need To Move Out Fast And Don’t Even Have Boxes To Pack Your Personal Belongings? We Offer Low Rates That Include Boxes WITH A Team Of Professional Movers To Help Get Your Loose Items Packed Up And Moved.




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United Pro Moving Services - a top moving company in San Jose, California

Are you moving house in San Jose and looking for a reliable moving company? Then consider United Pro Moving Services! We have been in the moving business for over 10 years and in that time, we have helped thousands of people relocate to their new homes or offices. We know how unpleasant and stressful moving can be, which is why our team does everything in its power to make this process easier. If you think that there is no way to make your next move enjoyable, let us prove you wrong. Moving can be easy and fun if you hire United Pro Moving Services. 

Advantages of hiring our moving company in San Jose

When you start looking for moving help in San Jose, you’ll quickly see that there are dozens of moving teams and companies offering their services. How can you know which one to choose? The answer is simple – choose United Pro. Here are some things that set us apart from the competition:

  • Fast and reliable – our movers work very quickly to ensure that your move is completed as soon as possible. Plus, they are always on time.
  • Polite and careful – we know how much you value your furniture and personal belongings, which is why we’re very careful with each piece our clients entrust us. You can be certain that we will treat your things even better than we would treat the furniture in our own homes. 
  • Licensed and insured – we have all the necessary certifications and documents to carry out moving services. And if anything should happen to your property or our workers, our insurance will immediately cover the damage.
  • Temperature-controlled storage – some people start panicking when they find our that they need to store their furniture somewhere before moving it into their new place but you don’t need to worry. Just call us and we will provide temperature-regulated storage for all your things. 
  • Free price estimate – fill out the form on our website or call our office to find out how much it will cost to hire our moving company in San Jose, California fo your relocation. 
  • 24/7 customer support – we can help resolve any issue that arises, even if it’s late at night. 
  • New technology – we embrace innovative technologies in our business to ensure that you’re getting the best and fastest service possible.

Services we offer to help customers who are moving house in San Jose

Each relocation presents its own unique set of tasks and challenges, which is why we have developed a wide array of services we can provide to take away all the stress of relocating and make your move enjoyable. Here are some of the services our moving company in San Jose provides:

  • Long-distance relocations
  • Short-distance relocations
  • Commercial moves
  • Residential moves
  • Temperature-controlled storage facility
  • Moving container rental
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Crating

If you’re uncertain about the services that you need or the details of your move, you can call us today and our managers will provide all the necessary information and help you figure out exactly what you need to make the relocation a success. If you need to hire moving help in San Jose, there’s no better option than United Pro.

Things you need to know before moving house in San Jose

Whether you’re moving for the first time or the fifth time in your life, the process can be extremely stressful. One way to reduce the amount of stress you’re experiencing is to know exactly what steps you will need to go through during your move. 

First of all, you need to create a detailed inventory document with everything you’re transporting to your new home or office. It’s important to list the weight, size, amount, and type of each item. You should then send the inventory to each moving company in San Jose, California that you’re considering and ask them to calculate a price estimate for the job based on that information. You should also think about the date when you want to relocate. Try to choose a weekday instead of a weekend to keep costs lower. Once you’ve selected a San Jose moving company for the job, you need to iron out all the details and sign a contract. 

The next step is packing. You can buy boxes and try to pack up all your things by yourself or you can simply ask us to do it for you. In our experience, professional packing is significantly better, as the moving team has a lot more packing experience than the owner of the house or office manager and they know exactly how to protect furniture from damage. Once everything has been packed, the moving truck will arrive and the team will load everything onto it. The truck will then transfer your furniture and other belongings to the destination. Our San Jose moving company employees will then unload everything and move the boxes into their respective rooms. You can also hire us to unpack your things, or you can do it yourself.

If you are in the market to hire a moving company in San Jose, consider United Pro. We provide a premium-quality service at an affordable price.